Is your family ready for a Bosun Dog?

If you’re looking for the perfect family dog, a Bosun is likely the right match.
Family gathered around tan and white dog

The perfect Bosun Dog home

We look to place our Bosun puppies with dog-loving families who are committed to positive puppy raising methods. You must be dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of your pup, providing regular veterinary care as well as exercise and mental stimulation. Your Bosun should be involved in daily family life and activities.

Bosun purchase policies

Puppies playing with toys on a backyard deck

Puppies will be sold on either a breeding contract or a pet contract. Preference will be given to families who are willing to keep dogs intact until health and temperament evaluations are completed at around two years of age.

We plan on staying in touch with you for the lifetime of your dog. It’s important that we know how our puppies health and temperament develop as they age and grow, and we want to be there to provide you with lifetime support.