A Bosun Puppy of Your Own

Is your family ready for a Bosun Dog?

If you’re looking for the perfect family dog, a Bosun is likely the right match.
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The perfect Bosun Dog home

We look to place our Bosun puppies with dog-loving families who are committed to positive puppy raising methods. You must be dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of your Bosun, providing regular veterinary care as well as exercise and mental stimulation. Your Bosun should be involved in daily family life and activities.

Bosun purchase policies

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Puppies will be sold on either a breeding contract or a pet contract. Preference will be given to families who are willing to keep dogs intact until health and temperament evaluations are completed at around two years of age.

We plan on staying in touch with you for the lifetime of your dog. It’s important that we know how our puppies health and temperament develop as they age and grow, and we want to be there to provide you with lifetime support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want your puppy to be perfect for you, so we will offer you the puppy or puppies whose personality, energy level, and temperament best suit the needs you’ve identified for your family. While we try to offer as many choices as possible, there may be times we determine one specific puppy is the right fit.

Puppies are sent home between 9 and 10 weeks of age. This allows for gradual weaning as well as full completion of our early socialization and training programs. To ensure you and your puppy experience a successful start we do not release puppies before 9 weeks of age.

If for any reason you are unable to keep your Bosun dog, please contact us. We believe in taking responsibility for our dogs for the entirety of their lives and we’ll support you in any way we can, including taking your dog back into our home.

We would love for all of our dogs to remain intact for as long as reasonably possible. Hormones are important. However, we are aware that there are various reasons why spaying or neutering might be advised. We will work with you to make the best individual decision for each dog and family.

Our first consideration is the perfect match for your household. We won’t know if a puppy meets our health and temperament requirements until they are around two years of age. This is why we would like our pups to stay intact for as long as possible.

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