Dog Rescue

Is rescue right for you?

The perfect family dog can be found in many places: At a shelter, from a rescue organization, or via a responsible breeder. Bosun dogs are but one option among many.
Your needs, your options

Should you decide that rescue is the right path to your perfect family dog, we offer a service to help match you to your ideal shelter companion.

Every dog lover goes looking for their best friend with very specific needs in mind. We encourage you to begin your search with clarity about how you envision a dog fitting in with your family. We are committed to helping you find the right match.

Our rescue credentials

We are strong supporters of rescue. Over the years we have fostered over 300 rescue and shelter dogs, mostly pregnant moms and their pups, as well as occasional behavior cases needing extra training care. We continue to do so as just one way we serve both the dogs in our community and those who strive to care for them.