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All About Bosun Family Dogs

Philosophy & Approach

Our breeding philosophy and process

The only thing we care about is health and temperament. We don’t care about coat length or color. We are simply focused on breeding nice, healthy family dogs.

We take an entirely different approach to breeding.

We choose our breeding dogs based on health and temperament only. Bosun breeding dogs may be mixes or purebreds. They are individual dogs passing exhaustive health screenings and temperament tests.

The result is the perfect family dog—A Bosun Dog.

Raising the perfect family dog for you

Breeding is only half the equation—how your puppy is cared for before she joins your family matters just as much
Our 4-part puppy raising formula
puppies sleeping at the back door

A Loving Home Environment

Our puppies are raised in our home. Not a barn. Not a kennel. Bosun puppies are raised in homes by loving dog professionals focused on meeting all of their early developmental needs and socialization milestones.

The result: A puppy who can quickly, easily integrate into your family’s routines.

Puppies eating

The Best Physical Care

Bosun pups are fed the highest quality food and given the best veterinary care for the best start in life. We go beyond the basics to promote a lifetime of robust health for your dog.

The result: Many happy years together with your Bosun, without all the vet bills.

Boy with puppy

Socialization for Success

We actively socialize Bosun puppies to children of all ages, other dogs and animals, busy urban environments, and all manner of common distractions and situations.

The result: A laid-back, family-friendly dog you can enjoy at home and take anywhere.

Early Training Foundations

We introduce your puppy to the basic rules of polite family living, kick-start potty training, teach her to love hanging in her crate, and how to relax and self-soothe. All training is positive-based for a happy, confident puppy.

The result: A puppy who’s easy to house train and ready to be teacher’s pet in puppy class.

Learn more about your puppy’s early training.


Early Training for an easy transition

Bosun puppies are lovingly raised by experienced, credentialed, professional dog trainers to give you an easy start. We teach your puppy:

We jump start the potty training process to make housetraining a quick and painless process. Our puppies begin their housetraining process as early as four weeks of age.

Puppies sleeping in crate
Crate Training

Having a puppy who actively enjoys time in her crate is key to quick potty training and also to peace of mind. Your pup’s crate is a safe space for her to hang out when you need down time to cook meals, catch up on email, or you don’t have time to supervise active play with small children.

Basic Manners

Your puppy comes home already knowing how to pay attention to you, and with a superb puppy recall. In addition, we provide two free training consultations: Puppy Integration 101 and Baby Puppy Obedience.

We use only scientifically sound positive-based training methods.

We want you to enjoy a happy, confident puppy—and adult dog—who loves training, so we avoid all training techniques requiring the use of pain, fear, intimidation, or coercion.

Read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists statement on recommended training methodology.

We are actively looking for Bosun breeding dogs

A Bosun Dog is any dog with exceptional temperament and excellent health. Perhaps you’re already living with a Bosun?

Bosuns must be happy, friendly dogs exhibiting no signs of separation anxiety or any other fear-based conditions or behaviors. They should be crate trained, have low prey drive, and show active affiliation towards fellow dogs and humans—known and new. And they must, of course, be intact.

All Bosun candidates must pass a series of temperament, behavioral, and health tests.
Because we believe in breeding only the healthiest-of-healthy and nicest-of-nice dogs, our standards are intentionally difficult to achieve.

If you think you may have a Bosun Dog breeding candidate, please contact us.

Purposefully bred family dogs for discerning dog lovers in Arlington, VA and beyond.