What makes a Bosun Dog?

Our mission: a perfect pet dog

Our entire purpose is to breed friendly, healthy puppies for regular pet homes. That means carefully choosing healthy parents with great temperaments, and home rearing pups with individual care and socialization. Our measurement for success: when your pup grows up and you tell us: “I freaking LOVE this dog.”

Why we breed Bosuns

All good breeding programs care about the health and the temperament of their animals, but most programs breed for a primary function like herding or retrieving or showing. For over a decade, Laura has envisioned a program to breed dogs whose primary function is to be a fantastic pet: friendly and adaptable, easy to live with, and comfortable in an urban environment or a day in the park.

What sets us apart

We have a unique focus on health and temperament. Because we don’t adhere to any specific breed or pedigree, we are not restricted to a limited gene pool. ANY dog may be considered if they can meet our high standard for health and temperament. And since we don't have to care about coat color or head shape or tail set, we get to focus on dogs with the traits need to live easily in your pet home.

Who We Are

Laura and Erica are professional trainers and behavior consultants with over two decades of experience. We care deeply for dogs and we care deeply for people, and everything we do is in service of improving the lives of both. We strive for puppies with exceptional health and temperament so that dogs and their people can live their best lives, together.

Our goal is the perfect family dog — a Bosun Dog™